Another sweet thing that happened to pick up my spirits last Sunday was an email from Gina Carroll, from Blogher.com. Blogher is a meta-blog, like PsychCentral or Huffington Post. It brings together women writers/bloggers from around the world. Gina wrote:

Hello Dr. Aletta,

I am a contributing editor for Blogher.com and am writing an article about parent infiltration of Facebook. I think your article, To Be or Not To Be My Kid's Friend on Facebook, posted on psychcentral.com is wonderful. I would really love to quote your VERY helpful list of suggestions for how to decide whether or not to invade your kid's Facebook space….We are doing a series on Digital Parenting and moms [who] are really struggling with this issue. 

What a boost that was!

Validation… "the reciprocated communication of respect which
communicates that the other's opinions are acknowledged, respected,
heard, and (regardless whether or not the listener actually agrees with
the content) that they are being treated with genuine respect as a
legitimate expression of their feelings, rather than marginalized or

And it feels so good!

Gina's article was published yesterday. Especially helpful to me (besides the spirit boost) is how well she describes the evolution of Facebook from the kid's perspective. It's really a good piece. Please take a look.

Parents' Facebook Infiltration: Why The Natives Are Still Restless

What, who validates you? How? Did it help you? Can validation ever be bad? Let's talk! Please leave a comment.