Setting up a new website is a lot of hurry up and wait. Patience is something I can do because I am a very good therapist, and many people need a patient guide to help them through. When it comes to my life, however, I’ve been told I can be annoyingly impatient. I tend to get whiney which is really hard for me to admit. The child in me wants it, when I want it, (which today is a new website) now!

Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s a control thing. As I type this Steve is importing the old blog over into this pretty new WordPress site. There are always glitches. Whenever Steve says, “Oops!” I jump a foot.  He’s the tech genius, I’m not. I have to trust him that it will all turn out OK. Of course, I should have known that ‘everything turning out OK’ also meant it would take twice as long as I thought it would to begin with.


Have you ever done a remodeling project on your home? Same thing. All the responsibility and close to zero knowledge or skill. And whatever you are told about the time it takes, add it again times two. You hope your contractor will be kind and not rip you off. I am so fortunate to be in good hands. Steve is patient enough for both of us.

It reminds me of the trust my patients learn to have in me. That trust is precious. It is the foundation for most relationships. As a therapist, as in my other roles in life, I do not take it for granted or expect it without earning the trust first.

So back to the new website… What do you think? Like it? Yes? If you hate it please be nice but tell me what you would prefer. I really do want to know. If you like it please tell me why. I live for details! Comment, people! Let’s talk!