Are you ever tempted to say “Good boy!” to your husband and hand the garbage to your dog to take to the curb? If so, you need to check out this book.  Don’t Shoot the Dog is all about basic animal behavior; how to get your pet to repeat the good things he does and diminish the bad stuff. Let’s face it, we’re all animals on some level.  Seriously, his book’s value is beyond what it can do for your pet.

Let's Face It, We're All Animals

Let’s Face It, We’re All Animals

But it’s really about all of us because, let’s face it, we’re allImages1_2
animals, right?  Not to be confused with The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands, Don’t Shoot the Dog is what Dr. Laura wishes her book was.  Read the reviews.  I know the title is a little weird, but  it is widely recommended by behaviorists who want to help people enjoy their pets, kids and spouses more.  You can bet the Dog Whisperer has read it many times.  The truth is, we all need to change certain behaviors at different points.  Consequently, making informed decisions about how to change behavior is always better than the chaos that comes from haphazard changes.

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