I'm no good at it.

Since the last food journal entry was, what, February 6th! I've learned that even though food journaling is proven by research to make a difference in weight loss the bare bones truth is: I stink at food journaling. If it works for you, please stick with it! Personally, I had to find another way.

With sixteen pounds to shed to feel in my 'healthy zone', what's a girl to do? Naturally, I turned to Oprah.

Through Oprah's Best Life podcasts (found in the iTunes Store, search 'Oprah, Health Channel') I listened to Bob Greene talk about his Best Life Diet.

Now I know Oprah is big on "Aha" moments and that's lovely, but my moments of revelation are more like Homer Simpson's "Doh!" moments with my hand smacking my forehead. I am forever relearning what I supposedly already know! Well I was about to re-re-re-re-learn that:

exercise + fewer calories in mouth = weight loss

The good news is (drum roll please) it makes sense to me!  And so does a lot about what Bob Greene coaches people to do and why. So I started the program and I just finished the four week Phase One.

Results: I lost 1.6 pounds (from top weight of 156.2 to 154.6) and lost 1/2 inch from my waist (from 35.5" to 35"). I'm 5 feet 3 inches tall.

Not much by Big Fat Loser standards, yeah, but I'm really very pleased.

Take aside the pseudo drama of 'the game,' I admire the big fat losers very much. But really, is it any easier to get rid of those clinging ten to twenty pounds living your everyday life than it is to lose one hundred pounds in an artificial boot camp environment? Go to a mall, throw a rock and ask the mid-life, post-menopausal woman you hit this question. Stand back for the response.

Now it's on to Phase Two. Ramp up the exercise (probably my biggest challenge) and pay better attention to the hunger scale, which I find much more do-able than food journaling.


Wish me luck, join me on the journey or go get a snack. Just so you know, I don't get any kick backs if you buy the book. This is purely a personal not-for-profit endorsement. Oprah says that Consumer Report likes Bob Greene's program too and I believe her. Get a good physical and talk to your doctor before you start any new regimen.