The Soundtrack of My Life

I got a free iPod Nano! There was a promotion at my bank last fall. After almost daily calls to my bank officer to make damn sure I met all the requirements (Thanks, Andrea!) it arrived via FedEx. I couldn't believe they came through.

So I've been loading my new Nano with my favorite music which I'm a bit embarrassed to admit can be all over the place: a ton of Christmas stuff ('tis the season!), vintage rock (Blondie, the Pretenders, The Ramones are great to run to); and, I can't help myself, also I like classic Motown (Aretha Franklin, The Pointer Sisters), chamber and symphonic (good old Bach & Mozart, of course), blues, jazz, Latin American dance music, something iTunes calls World Music. I could just go on and on. Different music for different moods, different activities. Are you the same way?

Musical taste is such a personal thing and so important to our quality of life. Since I was a kid I've been a happy but hopeless music nerd. My kids, when they aren't laughing at me, try to educate me with Muse or MGMT, which I enjoy very much but never would have found on my own.

When I want to relax Classical is the best but I also love original music from movie soundtracks. I imagine we all have our personal soundtrack going through our lives. What does your life's soundtrack sound like? Today mine sounded something like this…