When Facebook Fails…Feeling helpless? In shock? Are you running around in circles, pulling your hair out, screaming, “I’m doomed!!!”

when facebook fails

Then you probably just went to your Facebook page and instead of the lovely posts of your latest business conquests, you found…A BLANK SCREEN!

That’s a true American Horror Story.

Only it’s happening, right now, across the country, around the world. I can only imagine Facebook HQ in Palo Alto looks a lot like a violently disturbed ant hill. Talk about disruption!

When Facebook Fails Let Them Panic

Let them panic. You, on the other hand, can sit serenely amongst the chaos because when Facebook fails you know you have a diversified marketing portfolio. You did not put all your business outreach eggs in one Facebook basket did you? No! Facebook’s failure is not your failure. You can relax because you have a dynamic website, an active LinkedIn account, Instagram is still humming, a blog and maybe even a podcast! You’ve got it going on! Facebook can crash and burn. You’re good.

When Facebook Fails Practice Deep Breathing

If none of that is true, and Facebook is your only marketing plan, let’s practice our deep breathing exercises. Anxiety is a natural result of a perceived threat and your one and only Facebook page disappearing qualifies. Remember that keeping your frontal lobes engaged is the Holy Grail of anxiety treatment. Do this:

1. Breathe deeply.

2. Accept that there is nothing you can do about Facebook right now. It is out of your control.

3. Focus on the Now. Anxiety is the body kicking into overdrive to fight or run away from a threat. Our mind leaps into a dark future that doesn’t even exist. Right now you are fine. Right now, the kids are needing baths and stories read before bed. The laundry still needs to get done. It’s cold outside but cozy and warm in the house. All of this is Good. Facebook’s fail can’t take that away from you.

I’m pretty sure this storm will pass. In the meantime, a virtual umbrella comes in handy. Protection comes in many forms. Protecting ourselves as well as we can from useless anxiety is the responsible thing to do.

And work on diversifying your marketing.

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