26 Acts of Intimacy – It’s All Foreplay

Intimacy can be so elusive but for so many of us, it’s more powerful than the act of sex! It’s easy to forget that it’s really Foreplay! Love is an emotion that we all experience. While it’s true that there is more than one type of Intimacy, it’s also true that Intimacy is close familiarity. If you are looking to find that special closeness or even rediscover it then consider these 26 Acts, they may just work for you.

26 Acts of Intimacy

  1. Saying you’re sorry.
  2. Telling her she looks beautiful.
  3. Letting him know he smells good.
  4. Picking up milk on the way home.
  5. Calling to say you’ll be late.
  6. Saying thank you.
  7. Kissing goodbye.
  8. Kissing hello.
  9. Saying “You’re right.”
  10. Asking “How can I help?”
  11. Making or bringing in dinner if you aren’t the usual cook.
  12. Changing a diaper.
  13. Laughing together.
  14. Sharing the remote.
  15. Saying, “Poor baby.”
  16. Keeping promises.
  17. Touching without agenda.
  18. Keeping sober.
  19. Eye contact.
  20. Smiling.
  21. Smiling with eye contact.
  22. When thinking something nice saying it out loud.
  23. Saying, “Good morning!”
  24. Holding hands.
  25. Holding a door.
  26. Having a good, clean fight.

What gesture or a random act of kindness or respect turns you on?

Looking For What You Can’t Find?

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