by guest blogger Michele Slater

I've been a single parent since my children were one and four years old, the worst demographic in America.

As single moms we struggle to get by.  If we work, we pay higher taxes than married people but have only a single income coming into the house.  We can't date because sitters cost a fortune and how many men want to date a woman with young kids anyway?  Not many.  And where would we find a guy even if we had the energy and money to date?  We're tired all the time,  generally doing fifty things at once, and rarely get any time to ourselves. 

Depressing?  Can be.  But we have the most valuable piece of life anyone can have…our kids. 

So here are all the great things about being a single mother:

1) We get to read to our kids every night if we want to.
2) We know things about them no one else does, not even their Dad.
3) We get to experience every sorrow and every success.
4) We form a bond with them couples never do because there's either Mom or Dad as a buffer. 
5) This bond will last between us and our children into their adulthood.