Find a way to Relax Today! That’s the message for today. I want to have a day that is guilt-free, agitation-free, restless-free and anger-free. If I have trouble with any of those I will stop whatever it is I’m doing and sit or lie down and focus on ONE THING  like maybe how awesome I am just because I’m trying! And Goddamn it, trying does count! I don’t care what Yoda says.

Ok, that sounded sort of pathetic but I think a lot of you know what I’m talking about.

I am going to the barn to see my horse because she makes me happy. She recharges my battery. The smell of the barn, the hay, the tack, the horsey smells, the sound of their nickering and chewing, stomping and blowing. If I can allow myself this pleasure for just an hour instead of feeling like I really should be doing something else, like writing a more meaningful article here on the blog that will change your life, then maybe, just maybe, I can do a little of that tomorrow. But that’s fortune telling.

5 Things You Can Do To Relax Today

For today: More simple relaxing things I can do…

Read a book just for fun!

Pet my dog because he is so soft.

Ride my new stationary bike while watching Tabitha Takes Over. Something about exercises I can do while sitting tickles the hell out of me.

Take a large garbage bag, go through the house and throw out stuff that so obviously needs to go there is no “can this be useful later?” argument. Yes, I find this relaxing!

Pretend I’m Nigella Lawson and experiment with a new recipe for dinner. I might have to speak with a British accent as I clean the leeks!

What will you do today just for fun or just to relax or just to recharge the YOU ARE AWESOME  neon sign in your spirit today?

Photo courtesy of MarcelGermain via Flickr

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