The Real Deal: Ravin’ Reviews

Hey, there guys! Vanessa here with another addition to The Real Deal: Ravin’ Reviews. Today, my mom and I will be reviewing a song sung by Joanna Levesque or as she is more commonly known amongst teenage fans, and magazine reporters, JoJo. The song is entitled: “Exceptional”

~*~ Vanessa’s Take ~*~

    This song is insanely helpful during any case of self-doubt, and I can say this from experience seeing as just a few years ago three girls, one of whom I had known for three years, turned on me for absolutely no reason. And that wasn’t even the worst part, I mean obviously it hurt a lot that they would do that, but what hurt even more was how they would whisper and make fun of me at school, and obviously it wasn’t like the kind of teasing that is shown on television, the clichéd tough bully praying on a small defenseless dork. No, it was three girls going around, and being sly and evil, which in my opinion is worse. During all of this I felt miserable, I even cried myself to sleep a few nights. I most definitely let these girls get to me and I began to question my beauty and other things. So one day, as I was listening to my iPod in my room, as I do almost everyday, I came across this song, and suddenly the meaning behind the words sunk in. And I realized that these girls could do anything they wanted, but they would not destroy my self-esteem, because really I, as well as every other women on this planet, am beautiful, smart, interesting, and deserve to be treated with respect no matter what.

-Vanessa <3

Dr. A's POV

I am so glad Vanessa had this song to sustain her during a rough time.  We all have times like that and I find this song 'exceptional' in that it's love song but it could be to anyone, a mother to a daughter, a friend to a friend, even to oneself.